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Construction of the new CRMA classrooms is now underway – to view progress so far, click on the link below.
Construction Progress Video – May 9th
May 17th

If you have questions regarding the construction, please attend the final PTA meeting of the year
on Weds May 17th at 6.30pm at the school.


Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation, COHEF, a 501 (c) 3 organization in Miami is responding to the recent devastation in Haiti.
It will be nearly a week since the destructive winds and rains of Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti. The winds ripped the roofs off of homes, uprooted trees and brought down power lines in our hometown Kenscoff. While some members of the community were blessed to have their homes and personal property spared, many members of Kenscoff, mostly our disadvantaged families suffered crippling losses from the storm.
Our COHEF’s schools, the orphanage, the students and their families require assistance NOW.
Your support will have an immediate and substantial impact in Kenscoff. With your help, COHEF can feed families who have lost everything in the aftermath of the storm and help rebuild their places and schools.
We thank you in advance for your contribution.
Elsie Craig, President
Dr. Pauline Young, VIce-President

Donations can be made via the COHEF Gofundme page

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CRMA Construction Project Fact Sheet updated flyer

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Ms. Boone and some of our 5th Graders have put together an Environmental Action Newsletter – click below to view or download.

Environmental Action Newsletter


Interesting article – to read click here!

A Letter to our CRMA Community

 Although this letter was written by the Principal of an unknown Elementary School, Ms. Golden, Ms. King, the Faculty and Staff of CRMA feel the same way and would like to share the following with you.

“We are concerned that these tests do not always assess all of what it is that make each of you special and unique. The people who create these tests and score them do not know each of you– the way your teachers do, the way I hope to, and certainly not the way your families do. They do not know that many of you speak two languages. They do not know that you can play a musical instrument or that you can dance or paint a picture. They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them or that your laughter can brighten the dreariest day. They do not know that you write poetry or songs, play or participate in sports, wonder about the future, or that sometimes you take care of your little brother or sister after school. They do not know that you have traveled to a really neat place or that you know how to tell a great story or that you really love spending time with special family members and friends. They do not know that you can be trustworthy, kind or thoughtful, and that you try, every day, to be your very best… the scores you get will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything. There are many ways of being smart.”

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We cannot know the consequences of suppressing a child’s spontaneity when he is just beginning to be active. We may even suffocate life itself. That humanity which is revealed in all its intellectual splendor during the sweet and tender age of childhood should be respected with a kind of religious veneration. It is like the sun which appears at dawn or a flower just beginning to bloom. Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life.” –Maria Montessori