From its inception, the founders have set the tone for excellence, and as a school, we constantly evaluate our practices to ensure that they result in the grandest fulfillment of our mission statement. These high standards translate into quarterly data chats, daily meetings between teachers/Co-Directors/parents and students to brainstorm solutions to any dilemma, hiring of outside evaluators and consultants, and sharing teacher expertise among the staff at weekly meetings. Our quest for continual improvement—as measured across many indicators—results in an environment that is encouraging,warm, supportive, and engaging for both teachers and students. Beyond our ongoing self-assessment, the following honors validate our efforts and as a composite, speak to what Coral Reef values and embraces.

  • Member of the Florida Alliance of Montessori Schools
  • Initiating the two year accreditation process with AMS and renewal of SACS accreditation
  • An affiliate of the American Montessori Society (A.M.S.) for the past ten years.
  • The staff, teachers, and families at CRMA are filled with pride that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools—SACS-CASI, after much scrutiny and evaluation, sought to bestow one of the most prestigious awards on our school, proclaiming our school as meeting the exceedingly high standards necessary to be accredited by this national organization’s rigorous benchmarks.
  • In the past thirteen years, we have been designated an “A” school for eleven years, a “B” school for two years, and a “C” school three years.
  • As in other years, our school has been well-represented at the Fairchild Tropical Gardens Education Challenge, this year placing 16th out of 108 schools that submitted applications.  In addition, several CRMA students were highlighted by earning  individual awards.
  • Although only our first year submitting an application to the Florida School Garden Competition, we were elated at the announcement of CRMA being designated as 3rd place overall in the category of “multiple-class gardens”.  Sponsored by the University of Florida at Gainesville, all the winners—including our original, inventive submission—can be seen at
  • Most importantly, our parents and students find our school to be a warm and welcoming place, where individual strengths are celebrated and community responsibility is encouraged. On our ten-year anniversary, we commissioned Solutions for Schools to conduct a comprehensive Diversity Study and discovered:
    • 90% of parents are satisfied with the school’s efforts and believe “Overall, the school is meeting my child’s needs—academically, emotionally and socially.”
    • 94% of parents claim, “I feel welcome at this school.”
    • 92% of parents assert, “Teachers are trained in different learning abilities and approaches for teaching students with diverse learning styles and levels.”
  • The school has received numerous distinctions, including on Silver and two Platinum Awards from Miami-Dade County Public Schools for notable and superior school performance.
  • The media has showered Coral Reef Montessori Academy with praise and attention—please refer to “Media” for links to our feature stories in print over the past 16 years.
  • 2016 marked the inaugural year for the CRMA Junior Thespian Honor Society. All students placed with an “Excellent” or “Superior” at the State Championships.
  • Member of  the U.S. Green Building Council






  • The awning at the front of the school was replaced
  • The PE field has been regraded
  • A new secure gate has been installed
  • A new school wide A/C system has been installed