Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School is housed in a brand new building with excellent classroom facilities and now has six (6) Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten classes, ten (10) First through Third grade combination classes, five (5) Fourth through Sixth grade combination classes, and a Montessori Middle School.  There are additional classrooms for students with special needs, providing additional support to these students through tutoring, therapy, or other individualized educational approaches.

Located right off the Florida Turnpike on 216th Street (Exit 11), the school is easily accessible to students, parents, staff and visitors.  We have a very well-designed parking lot with an easy drop-off driveway.  With over eight and a half acres of land, we have preserved a native Miami hammock, boasting live oaks, ficus and gumbo limbo trees.  The natural green space outdoors allows each classroom to explore organic gardening and take responsibility for their plot of land.  In addition, students enjoy the two playground areas, basketball court, fitness area, soccer/football field, and tricycle path.  Numerous gazebos and picnic tables provide a shady place for lunch.

Our newly constructed spacious classrooms for the First through Third grade are in green buildings that have been submitted for LEED certification.  The new construction has also provided the opportunity to open up an art/music room, two aftercare rooms and one computer lab. Eventually the existing building will be converted to a multipurpose space, with designated areas for a theater/auditorium, media center and library, cafeteria, tutoring rooms.