Mrs. Susan Homyk was born in Massachusetts and has lived in Miami for 13 years.  Her education is in Early Childhood Education and she earned a Bachelors Degree form Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts.   She has substituted and volunteered at a number of Montessori schools, including Kingswood Montessori, Alexander Montessori and other private Montessori environments.  Mrs. Homyk’s son Peter enrolled in CRMA in 1st grade and is currently a 7th grade student in the Middle School. Mrs. Homyk’s other two boys—Vladimir and Daniel—are in Mrs. King’s 4th grade classroom and Ms. Bein’s / Garcia’s 1st grade classroom, respectively.  What began as serving as a parent volunteer seven years ago evolved into working in the AfterCare Program four years ago.  As one of two AfterCare Coordinators (along with Mrs. Greer), they are responsible for the safety and well-being of close to 100 students.

One of her greatest passions is gardening, and she is responsible for overseeing the gardening program at the school.  Each classroom has at least one bed to cultivate, with some classrooms maintaining as many as four or five! Two other initiaties—composting and recycling—are also coordinated by Mrs. Homyk, closely related to the idea of organic, small-scale farming.   The initial idea of gardening and connecting it to the curriculum at all levels and through all disciplines received a major boost when a grant from The Children’s Trust Fund enabled CRMA to expand our gardening efforts.  Thanks to generous parent volunteer support, the raised-bed boxes were constructed and prepared almost entirely in one Saturday.