My name is Maria Ximena Gamboa, I was born on Chile, raised in Venezuela and I am currently living in Miami – Florida since the past 13 years. My first son started PK-3 in the 2013-2014 school year and at the same time I joined the CRMA family. I was involved in many school activities (Field trips, classroom volunteer, room parent, events and more), making CRMA like my second home. Years after I had my second son, however, I always found the time to be involved with school and I joined the PTA. I gained more experience in everything related to the organization of activities to support the school. Last year around November 2017 I got the great opportunity to be an assistant teacher, at the end of the year I decided to start certificate courses to expand my knowledge to contribute much more in the development of the education and future of children. Currently, I am still working as an assistant teacher and at the same time I am still in the PTA supporting and promoting the commitment and participation of families and teachers for the benefit of our children.