As a native of Miami, Florida, Mrs. Monica Johnson, attended Public School. Mrs. Johnson completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Bethune Cookman University. During her time as a student, she was a part of many organizations.

After graduating, Mrs. Johnson started her professional career as a paralegal. Then, in 2005, Mrs. Johnson, acquired her certificate as a Paralegal Professional from the University of Miami. Since 2006, Monica has been an educator in the Public School system. She also has experience in other Charter Schools. In addition, she has also continued to work as a paralegal.

Mrs. Johnson enjoys volleyball and basketball. As a matter of fact, while teaching middle school, Mrs. Johnson coached both junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams. As a mother of four precious girls, Monica is very active in the Girl Scouts organization and cheerleading.

In June 2013, Mrs. Johnson completed her Montessori Certification at Montessori Teacher Training Institute. Always hungry for more education and knowledge, Mrs. Monica Johnson looks forward to beginning her next level of education on the graduate level!