Mrs. Raquel majored in Psychology at Phoenix University. After 5 years of being a stay at home Mom for her two boys she began working as a Family Preservation Counselor at Children Home Society. In liaison with the Department of Children and Family she serviced children and families in our community for 2 years. Her two boys are currently attending CRMA and have been before she joined the CRMA Middle School Team. She loves the Montessori approach to Education and how this education supports the whole child, inspiring a lifelong love for learning. She instantly fell in love with the CRMA community and further enjoys working and getting to know every member in it.

Her family and background are a melting-pot. She was born in Miami FL. Her family is originally from Nicaragua but have made roots in Guadalajara, Mexico representing the Nicaraguan government. She lived many years in Mexico as well as Nicaragua, Minnesota, Texas and now back in Miami were she married her Argentinian love almost 13 years ago.