Shaena Golden, the oldest of four siblings, was born in New York’s West Village to a NY Rican father and Colombian-Sicilian mother, and raised in Miami. She has always expressed a love for the arts, and theater in particular, attending the magnet programs at R. R. Moton Elementary and Southwood’s Middle School’s Center for the Arts. Ms. Golden brings this flair for the dramatic into the classrooms and incorporates games, activities, imagination and improvisation into her teaching style, making all lessons come alive.
While at Miami Palmetto Senior High, Shaena Golden studied Japanese language. After graduation, she attended State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase College, and was fortunate to study abroad in Burgos, Spain for a semester, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. Her love for the international, for travel, and learning of different cultures has merged with her personal and spiritual beliefs and led to her receiving her Masters from Florida International University’s Program in International/Intercultural Education. Ultimately, her goal is to start a non-profit organization that utilizes the arts and peace to train teachers in helping refugee, immigrant, and displaced children to recover from the trauma of war, invasion, and other catastrophic events. Ms. Shaena Golden is an active member of the Sokka Gakkai International (SGI) organization, which works to promote world peace, culture and education.
As the daughter of Ms. Lucy Golden, she has literally “grown up” at Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School. Although she was too old to attend the school at the time of it’s opening, she volunteered throughout high school. During 2011-2012, she first served as a substitute then later took over for Ms. Holloway during her maternity leave, guiding 1st-3rd grade students in their adventures in Montessori learning with Ms. Alonzo. This year, Ms. Shaena Golden will begin her Montessori training in 3-6 at MTTI.
Ms. Golden is also the proud mother of Nakai Paz Golden-Willinger who brings her more joy than she could ever imagine!