Hildaura Vence was born in Panama City, Panama and raised in New York. As a young girl, she always enjoyed school and looked up to teachers who truly loved their craft.

She graduated from Lehigh University with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. Her professional career has taken her through various avenues including corporate America, acting and event planning.

She was bitten by the teaching bug after becoming a mother and homeschooling her own children for 8 years. From there she joined Teach for America and made the transition into the Public school system. Her second year of teaching, she won Rookie Teacher of the Year for Miami-Dade’s southern region. Shortly after that she earned her Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Grand Canyon University. In addition to teaching children she also teaches English as a second language to adults.

When Ms. Vence is not in school she is usually researching something for school or spending time with her 3 children. She loves to travel, cook and make creative projects.

Ms. Vence has a love of learning and wants to share that with every student she comes in contact with. To her teaching is about the never-ending quest to attain knowledge so that it may be synthesized and turned into something beautiful and useful for mankind. She loves her profession because teachers do the work that keeps humanity pushing forward. She is extremely excited about joining the CRMA family.