The greatest strength of our school is our incredibly dedicated and talented teaching staff.  Teachers at Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School must complete two strands of training:  the requisite Teacher Certification requirements for educators in the State of Florida, along with Montessori training and certification for their specific age-group.  Most of our teachers hold multiple certifications from the Department of Education, giving them a broader perspective and experience working with special populations such as ESOL, ESE, and multiple age groups/subject areas.   Nearly half of the staff holds advanced degrees, with eighteen carrying a Masters degree and five teachers currently holding or working on a Doctoral degree.

They hail from countries all over the world, and this diversity compels them to respect individual differences while at the same time, working hard to build a common respect based on our shared humanity.  Educators at CRMA bring a sense of compassion, wonder, and discovery to each day, inspiring students to think harder, work smarter, imagine more vastly, and care more deeply than when they began at our school.

There is a terrific sense of camaraderie and shared purpose at the school.  While our teaching staff is quite diverse and are encouraged to be creative and inventive in engaging and nurturing students’ growth and development, they are united in sharing a collective approach to building community.  Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School is a warm and welcoming place to learn, as evidenced by our teacher longevity.  57% of our teachers have been at the school for more than three years, and more than one-third has been at CRMA for more than five years.  Most impressive, though, is that nearly 20% of the teachers are from the inaugural or founding staff, having weathered the changes and helped to propel our growth and stability for over 20 years!  This wealth of experience is balanced by enthusiastic, upbeat, caring new teachers; in the past two years, we have welcomed 10 new dynamic teachers into our circle.   Despite high levels of teacher “burn out” across Miami and across the country, Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School’s teaching staff stands as testimony to the outstanding teacher quality and exemplary leadership at the school.