One of the distinguishing factors in creating a dynamic, inclusive, positive learning environment is active parental participation and involvement in the school culture.  Our Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter parents are incredibly supportive of the classrooms and all of the school’s initiatives.  From the expansion of our facilities to upgrading the playground structures, and from streamlining communication to celebrating our diverse backgrounds, CRMA parents rally together to support our children and our school.

Parents are invited to actively participate in the classroom, where they can assist the teachers with everything from preparing lessons, to cleaning and maintaining the classroom resources, reading to students, working in our school gardening initiative, or supporting events to raise funds for field trips and special supplemental learning activities.  In fact, parent involvement is so vital to student success that it is an integral component of the schools’ functioning:  all parents meet a requirement of volunteering 30 hours per year per child at the school.  It is not unusual to see one or two parents in each classroom for some time during the day, and students relish the knowledge that their parents care enough and prioritize their learning to the extent that they are willing to give their most valuable resources—time and energy.

Our families are a reflection of the cultural, racial, religious and ethnic mosaic that is Miami and South Florida—there are many different nationalities and creeds at the school, all learning the essential skills of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.

There are a number of documents that will help new and returning parents understand the culture of the school and its specific policies and requirements.  These documents are listed below; just click on any topic and a file will open which will allow you to view, print or save the information therein.

General Information

Wellness Information

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