Fundraising is an essential part of any school’s operation. We are always seeking creative ways to augment the resources and opportunities available to our students. There are school-wide initiatives—like our Annual Spaghetti Dinner and other special events—and fundraisers for particular grade-level trips. These usually coincide with the celebration of various holidays and include dances, photo opportunities, and momentos and gifts for teachers and friends.

Our school periodically writes grants for special programs and services, or to expand a particular aspect of the school. We would welcome any personal contacts or connections that may be beneficial to Coral Reef Montessori academy and the fulfillment of our vision. Many corporations will match your gifts to a non-profit, check with your employer to see about matching gift programs. Ideas, referrals, suggestions, brainstorms, and questions may be addressed to our PTA Vice President for Fundraising or our PTA President. Our Co-Directors are vital leaders in ensuring the school’s purpose blossom year after year; please be sure to include them in your thoughts and conversations.