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Introduction to Montessori
An informative video by the American Montessori Association


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Supply Lists – 2019-2020

Please note that back packs are NOT allowed. Please see supply lists for instructions.

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Room 101 (Ms. Regalado)
Room 102 (Ms. Johnson)
Room 103 (Ms. Connelly) – PreK Kindergarten
Room 104 (Ms. Boone)PreKKindergarten
Room 105 (Ms. Demicco) – PreK  Kindergarten
Room 106 (Ms. Encinas) – PreK  Kindergarten
Room 107 (Ms. S. Golden) – PreK Kindergarten

1st – 3rd GRADE
Room 201 (Mrs. Alonzo)
Room 202 (Ms. Greene-Major)
Room 203 (Ms. Bacher)
Room 204 (Ms. Lima)
Room 205 (Ms. L. Golden)
Room 206 (Ms. Holloway)
Room 207 (Ms. Primov)
Room 208 (Ms. Villamil)
Room 209 (Ms. Schoor)
Room 211 (Ms. Garcia Bollinger)

4th – 6th GRADE
Room 110 (Ms. Arizaga)
Room 111 (Toro/Williams)
Room 112 (Sordo/Clegg)
Room 113 (Roberson/Green)
Room 114 (Cuthbertson/Bryan)

Middle School List

PTA – Teacher Mini Grants

Mini Grant Information

Mini Grant Application Form

Mini Grant Teacher Letter

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Early Childhood Information

Extended Care Information

CRMA Graduate Outcomes

CRMA – General School Information

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Upward Bound Programs (three in Miami)

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