Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School students are curious, confident, and compassionate learners and leaders.  Beginning at an early age, we instill in them the knowledge that they can impact their surroundings, and that they have a responsibility to leave the world in better shape than they found/inherited it.  Toward that end, our students are immersed in world cultures and philosophy and responsible decision-making as much as they are challenged to master mathematics, critical reading and analytical writing.  Nearly 500 students comprise our student body.  Of that number, over 30 ethnicities and cultures are represented, reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Miami.  Our students truly represent a global community!  Nearly half are bilingual or speak another language than English at home.

There is no “typical” CRMA student, but what they all share is a set of creative and dedicated teachers that help each one of them find their brilliance.  For us, every student has unique strengths and growth areas—the key is working with their interests and building confidence and independence.  Our graduates are accepted at high schools including Robert Morgan, Coral Reef IB, Killian, NWSA (New World School of the Arts), A&M (Academy of Arts and Minds), Ransom Everglades, Palmer Trinity and DASH (Design and Architecture) and MAST.   Whatever high school path they choose to pursue, they are well-equipped with a wealth of social skills and interpersonal “intelligences”:  curiosity, responsibility, integrity, initiative, independence, flexibility, creativity, as well as a range of communication and problem-solving abilities.

As a group, they are generous, polite, conscientious, and compassionate little people, our future citizens and leaders, and worthy of our best efforts, resources, commitment and collaboration.

All students attending Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter School agree to abide by certain guidelines, behaviors and actions.  They are listed in the Student Pledge. Click below to see our Student Pledge for 1st through 8th Graders and Student Pledge for Pre-K-Kindergarteners.

Interested/Potential New Students/Families
You are invited to visit the school on Thursdays, provided you call the office ahead to schedule.  All prospective students/families are required to come to school for an interview prior to admission, an opportunity to gain a better perspective on the school. At the same time, the school is able to see that students and parents truly understand the school’s philosophy and practice.

Please click below to initiate the process:

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CRMA Graduate Outcomes