Cheyanne Alonzo

My name is Cheyanne Alonzo. I am an alumna of our school Coral Reef Montessori Academy (Class of 2007 woot woot!) I was part of the first class to have attended CRMA 1st through 8th grade. I am currently working towards completing my bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies K-8 at Western Govern University. After CRMA, I attended Robert Morgan Highschool and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2011. I began studying at Florida International University with a degree in Psychology.  In 2013, I began working here at CRMA and through the years I realized how much I love being in the classroom and Montessori as a whole. I changed my major to Education and completed my teaching certificate in early 2018. In less than 2 years, I hope to finally have a class of my own. CRMA had such a positive impact on my development into the person I am today. Now, as a Montessori adult I can see first hand how the experiences and opportunities that were presented to me, even at such a young age, have shaped the choices I have made today. I have a love of learning, and I am so excited to be back here at CRMA and help our students grow through their explorations in all subject areas. Our students are full of talent! Through my years working here, I have organized fundraisers for class trips, assisted with the Play, attending and assisted in state competitions for our Thespian Troupe, I get to incorporate my love of art in what I do and for that I am grateful! CRMA is a beautiful school and I am looking forward to my personal growth as well as our schools.

Angelica Elizabeth Carr

Dear Coral Reef Montessori Academy Staff,

As I began to collect and pack my belongings to attend college, I begin reflecting over my articulation from Pre-K to the 12th grade. I find that many of my fondest memories and founding principles started when I entered the preschool program at Coral Reef Montessori Academy, at three years old. I learned how to interact with others and how to appreciate working and caring for others in a community.

The Montessori concepts that I learned at Coral Reef have shaped me into the person I am today.

The teachers, office staff, after school personnel, facilities manager, as well as administrators are responsible for creating an environment that allowed me to excel. I will always remember the fond memories of the class trips to New York, Colorado, Everglades, Keyes, and Orlando as well as the business expos, winter poetry festivals, talent shows, and the annual plays.

All of the above experiences contributed to my being motivated to graduate from Coral Reef High School with not only the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction Award but also the International Bacculeraute Diploma that allows me to be accepted at some of the most selective universities throughout the world.

Because of the early emphasis placed on acquiring good study habits, I was prepared to discipline myself to achieve two of the highest awards that the College Board grants students who performed well on their Advanced Placement Exams which are Advanced Placement Scholar and Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction. Some of the universities I have been accepted at are Baylor University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Smith College, University of Rochester, Nova Southeastern University and Howard University. I chose Howard University as my home because of the similarities of Howard to the Montessori Program approach to education.

While at Coral Reef I began to become passionate about helping others. The seed was planted when I became a part of the Peace Committee. Thus, these experiences encouraged me to acquire approximately one thousand community service hours. Some of my humanitarian efforts included donating food, toys and clothing to Chapman homeless shelter, mentoring and tutoring elementary and middle school students at Breakthrough Miami. Also, I distributed food items through Farm Share, and provided care for abused animals at one of the local vet offices. For those efforts, I was awarded two Presidential Volunteer Service Awards from former President Barack Obama.

These achievements are the results of the hands that nurtured me, so I say thank you to my CRMA family for all of your love and encouragement. For now, I am on my way to a new beginning with all of the tools you gave me to be successful with the greatest being to love the world .


Angelica Elizabeth Carr- Class of 2017


Andrew Richterkessing

Dear Mrs. Golden and Mrs. King

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of my wonderful teachers I had at Coral Reef Montessori Academy.  CRMA provided me with the tools to learn and prepared me well for my high school challenges. The Montessori style of teaching gave me my foundation and motivated me to excel in school. I learned at an early age to work independently; being self-driven and motivated.  I am graduating from Miami Southridge Senior High school class of 2017 top 1 %. I was able to balance being class president, an honor student, as well as being on the varsity baseball team throughout high school. I was honored the Miami-Dade Scholar Athlete Award, the Youth Fair Scholarship, the Ramjus Science Scholarship alongside several academic and leadership awards given by the school and by district board members. Furthermore, all of these accolades were the results of all the hard work and dedication devoted to achieve success. Nevertheless, CRMA shaped me at an early age, granting me all of the qualities I display today.

I was fortunate to have participated in the Peace Committee at CRMA from 4-8th grade and attend the World Peace Conference in New York. It was truly an eye-opener, and it inspired me to continue on with my community involvement, participating in the Peace Ambassador Program in high school. Additionally, it lead me to initiate my silver night project on community involvement: mentoring the young students of CRMA and passing along the importance of “Peace and Community”. It is with great thanks to all of my nurturing, compassionate and caring teachers at CRMA, as well as, Southridge who have guided me to where I am.

I am now moving on to college at Florida State University and feel well prepared to continue my journey in life. But, you will always have a special place in my heart and I will always remember my 1st -8th grade years at CRMA. I now have a better understanding and appreciation on how influential you were on me and hope that I too can have the same impact on others to carry the CRMA torch.


Andrew Richterkessing

Kamicha Stuckey

Kamicha came to Coral Reef Montessori as an eighth grader, but her year here made a huge impact on her life.  After graduating from CRMA, Kamicha went on to graduate from Homestead Senior High.

How was CRMA different from most other schools you had attended?
Having the same teacher for the whole day, rather than changing teachers/classes for different subjects was different.  All in all, I realized that the teachers worked with you more one-to-one and got to know you better as a student.  The sense of community created in the classroom was something I had never experienced before.

What are your best memories of being a student at CRMA?
I remember the Renaissance theme that we had that whole year, and the play we did at school entitled, “Coming to America.”  I also really enjoyed the Business Expo, where a group of students had to make a business plan and learn how to market and sell a product.  We chose cotton candy in our group; the whole experience taught us how to be young entrepreneurs as well as learning how to work as a team.

What is the greatest strength of this school?
I would say two things:  the level of parent involvement—it is really strong—and the teachers who are very much like a family.

Ms. Portuondo
Mr. Gilyard
Ms. Sosa
Ms. Reyes
Ms. McNaughton

Closest friends:
Caitlyn Carnivale and Caroline Bathazar.

Anything else you want to share? 
I am expecting a baby in January and I want my son to come to CRMA when he is old enough!