Kamicha Stuckey

Kamicha came to Coral Reef Montessori as an eighth grader, but her year here made a huge impact on her life.  After graduating from CRMA, Kamicha went on to graduate from Homestead Senior High. 

How was CRMA different from most other schools you had attended?
Having the same teacher for the whole day, rather than changing teachers/classes for different subjects was different.  All in all, I realized that the teachers worked with you more one-to-one and got to know you better as a student.  The sense of community created in the classroom was something I had never experienced before.

What are your best memories of being a student at CRMA?
I remember the Renaissance theme that we had that whole year, and the play we did at school entitled, “Coming to America.”  I also really enjoyed the Business Expo, where a group of students had to make a business plan and learn how to market and sell a product.  We chose cotton candy in our group; the whole experience taught us how to be young entrepreneurs as well as learning how to work as a team. 

What is the greatest strength of this school?
I would say two things:  the level of parent involvement—it is really strong—and the teachers who are very much like a family. 

Ms. Portuondo
Mr. Gilyard
Ms. Sosa
Ms. Reyes
Ms. McNaughton

Closest friends:
Caitlyn Carnivale and Caroline Bathazar.

Anything else you want to share? 
I am expecting a baby in January and I want my son to come to CRMA when he is old enough!